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Analysis of maize straw recycling machine industry development prospect

Straw the main use is to make a fire to Cook, can also act as a livestock feed. But with the popularization of agricultural machinery and peasant's life enhancement, liquefied gas stoves, gas stove, electric oven, electric cooker, widespread use of farm roof smoke more and more rare, fewer cattle. Straw is the farmer's burden: Home needn't be; left in the fields, there is no stack; now the lack of rural labor, the easy way is "burned".

Analysis on the recovery in industry development prospect of corn straw burning straw against almost everyone knows, but the burn-ban from the source, improve straw comprehensive utilization rate is the key. "Straw is one of the most important parts of the biomass, biomass is currently the world's largest coal, oil and natural gas's fourth largest energy can be quantified. If straw to treasure, has broad application prospects. ”

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