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Backed by Government support into the machine tool industry to upgrade

Advanced machine manufacturing as an important part of the high-end equipment manufacturing, the industry can receive subsidies from the Central and local governments to carry out research and development. Sales of high-end machine tools can also benefit from the tariff policy, so as to improve the sales of local products.

Machine tools in China's major industrial machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, primary metal products and electrical and electronic equipment. States in recent years has been greater financial investment in infrastructure and transport, and the explosive development of Chinese automobile industry, manufacturing of transport equipment over the past 10 years is the second-largest market of machine tools. Metal-cutting machine tools is one of the largest product category, 3 times its size in metal forming machine tools. In 2014, the machine tool accessory market demand growth in China will reach 16.1%, faster than that of metal-cutting machine tools and forming machines. In the Government's good environment, China's machine tool industry market has great potential, a good momentum of development.

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