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Brand marketing strategy of sharing machine for business sand method

1, the traditional promotion methods. Machine for traditional promotional methods include sand, streets, railway stations, docks and other building or road signs, walls and other advertising space awareness, use of gifts in-kind advertising, printed brochures, advertising or publicity material. We often see instances including the wall advertising, with Enterprise sign gifts, product brochures and more.

2, media publicity. Machine for enterprises using sand media brands including, published in the newspapers, television and other media advertisements or soft, using popular events for publicity. We see sand recovery equipment companies on TV advertising, newspapers and magazines, has seen companies using a variety of popular events in the media, "appearance", which means a lot to enhance brand awareness.

3, the customer instance propaganda method. Description of the customer instance is the best way to prove product quality through customer examples to show other customers, often can have the most direct effect. We found that there was a business network to recommend their products because the company uses a certain amount of stimulation, and successfully recommended the customer will be provided with free maintenance, parts replacement opportunities.

4, the Internet publicity. The rise of the Internet, making sand recycling enterprise has a new brand of publicity, corporate website, press release, Enterprise microblogging can be a fine way to recycle corporate brand.

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