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Effect of NC geometric angle of turning tools on cutting heat

Effect of ro 1, top angle on cutting temperature

Rake angle increases, so that the cutting force decreases, friction reducing chip deformation and processing system, causing heat to reduce, thus reducing the temperature. In fact, cutting temperature depends not only on technology system to produce the amount of calories, but also by the influence of process system heats. Experiments show that when Turner rake angle increases to 16 degrees or so, due to reduced wedge angle of the tool after tool cooling conditions get worse, cutting temperatures but some pick up.

Kr 2, main angle on the cutting effect of temperature

Entering angle Kr decreases, so that the cutting width increases, cutting thickness decreases cutting deformation and friction-reducing, at the same time, cutting width increases, thermal conditions, and helps to reduce the temperature. Therefore, when the process when the system is rigid enough, using small entering angle cutting, is to reduce the cutting temperature, an important measure for improving the durability of the tool, especially when cutting harder materials more effective.

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