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Application Of Automatic Package Machine In Flour Industry

  Application of Automatic Package Machine in Flour Industry

  Quantitative Package Machine in the flour industry has gradually failed to meet the high daily output of enterprises, this time automatic flour Package Machine came into being.

  Automatic flour Package Machine not only does not need a lot of staff to participate in, reduce labor costs, and production efficiency is also higher than the previous quantitative Package Machine to improve a lot of automatic Package Machine running process: automatic flour Package Machine can achieve automatic bag , The machine automatically bagging, automatic weighing, through the entrainment device automatically entrainment, filling materials, automatic transmission, automatic folding sealing, through the conveyor belt to the next workflow. The whole process only need one person to look at the machine can be compared to the previous flour Package Machine to work around three people, greatly saving labor costs.

  Automatic flour Package Machine performance characteristics:

  1, automatic flour Package Machine high precision, fast, long life, good stability, artificial bagging, automatic measurement.

  2, not subject to the limitations of packaging containers, contact with the flour part of the use of 304 stainless steel production, thus ensuring the quality of flour.

  3, automatic bread Package Machine material properties determine the feeding method for the screw feed, to overcome the material easy to sticky material, slow packaging characteristics

  4, packaging scale screen digital display is simple and intuitive, packaging specifications can be adjusted, the operation is very simple.

  5, the packaging scale for dust-prone materials can be equipped with dust removal system, the use of high-pressure jet cleaning, dust will be used for dust in the air separation, through the round-shaped shell to achieve centrifugal deposition, so that dust-laden air through the filter media Achieve high purity (ie, clean) to meet the requirements of modern environmental protection.

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