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Characteristics Of Heat Treatment Of Metal-cutting Machine Tools Parts

(1) generally use the simple non-alloy of steel (carbon steel) structural steel and alloy steel. A few parts, such as steel rails, hardened screw and bearing steel, low alloyed tool steel.

(2) partial hardening and surface hardened large parts have many machine parts only require local high wear resistance of the surface, except for a few parts using salt-bath furnace outside the partially hardened, most of the parts using surface quenching method (such as induction heating, laser, ultrasonic frequency heating) hardened.

(3) the adoption cycle for most parts of the furnace not heating salt-bath furnace. Vacuum furnace or drip oil in gas carburizing furnace to generate protective atmosphere.

(4) requires a high degree of dimensional stability of precision parts usually in the processes used to design one or more stabilized, such as stress relief annealing and aging treatment at low temperature and cryogenic treatment to minimize the residual stress, in order to ensure a high dimensional stability.

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