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Classification And Maintenance Of Plastic Extruder

Classification and maintenance of plastic extruder

In plastic extrusion molding equipment, plastic extrusion is usually referred to as the mainframe, and the subsequent equipment with its matching plastic extrusion machine is called the Auxiliary machine. Plastic extrusion After more than 100 years of development, has been derived from the original single-screw screw, multiple screw, and even no screw and many other models. Plastic extruder (mainframe) can be used with tubing, film, holding material, monofilament, flat wire, packing belt, extrusion NET, plate (sheet) material, profile, granulation, cable cladding and other plastic molding auxiliary machine matching, forming a variety of plastic extrusion line, production of various plastic products. As a result, plastic extrusion machinery, whether present or future, is one of the widely used machines in the plastics processing industry.

The classification of extruder with the extensive application and continuous development of plastic extrusion technology, the type of extruder is more and more updated, and its classification methods are mainly the following 5 kinds.

1, according to the installation position, can be divided into vertical extruder and horizontal extruder;

2, according to the use, can be divided into molding extrusion machine, mixing and drawing extruder and feeding feed extruder;

3, according to the number of screw, can be divided into no screw extruder, single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder and multi-screw extruder.

4, according to whether the exhaust, can be divided into exhaust type extruder and non-exhaust extruder.

5, according to the screw speed, can be divided into ordinary extruder, high-speed extruder and ultra-high speed extruder. In general production by the number and structure of the screw to classify, summed up as follows:

The maintenance method of Extruder

⒈ the plastic extruder equipment should be placed in the ventilation position to ensure that the motor work heat distribution, prolong its life;

⒉ Regular inspection tool screws, new machine use 1 hours later, fastening the knife with the tool, fixing the screw of the knife, strengthening the fixed between the blade and the tool holder, should regularly add lubricating oil to the bearing to ensure the lubrication between the bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting tool, the tool should be inspected frequently to ensure its sharpness. Reduce the unnecessary damage of other parts due to blade blunt lack, check the belt regularly for slack and tighten in time.

⒊ Restart ―― The second time before the start, should be cleared of the rest of the machine room scrap, to reduce the start-up resistance. The inertia hood and the pulley cover should be opened regularly to remove the bottom of the flange and to enter the shaft bearing due to the crushing chamber discharging the powder material. ⒋ replacement of Parts ―― replacement tool, the gap between the moving knife and fixed knife: 20HP above crusher 0.8MM is good, 20HP below the crusher 0. The thinner the recovery material, the gap can be adjusted appropriately.

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