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Discussion On The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Single Screw Extruder

1, the advantages of single-screw extruder: single screw extruder with advanced design, high quality, plastic is good, low energy consumption, low noise, smooth, large carrying capacity, long life and other characteristics. Dual-stage designs, strengthening the function of plasticizing, ensuring high speed stable extrusion of high performance, integrated mixing special barriers designed to ensure plastification and mixing effect of the material, high cut low melt plastic temperature ensures the high performance low temperature and pressure measurement of material extruded. Design concept and characteristics: high level on the basis of high speed, high extrusion.

2, and single screw Rod extrusion machine of shortcomings: single screw Rod extrusion machine of material conveying main by friction, makes its feeding performance by limit, powder material, and paste-like material, and glass fiber and the inorganic filler, more difficult joined, does not apply Yu some process process, as polymer coloring, and thermosetting powder material of processing,, in addition, single screw Rod extrusion machine material in exhaust district of surface update role small, thus exhaust effect poor.

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