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Extruder Gear Why Are There Broken Shaft

1, in the process of accelerating and decelerating, gearbox output shafts, riding the twinkling of an eye if one goes beyond the additional torque of the torque twice, and the acceleration and deceleration is too frequently, then it will make reducer broken shaft. Thinking to this-less, so without further introduction.

2, fault type selection the reducer output distribution is not enough. Some user in selection Shi, errors think just by selected gear deceleration machine of additional output torque satisfaction job needs on can has, but, a is by distribution machine additional output torque took Shang deceleration than, get of numerical in principle to is less than products sample supply of near gear deceleration machine of additional output torque, II is with also to thinking its drive motor of overload to and the practice in the by needed maximum job torque. In theory, the maximum working torque required for user. Additional output torque of the gear reducer must be less than twice times.

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