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Extruder Screw Industry Will Have A More Extensive Development Environment

During the extrusion process of the extruder screw in the change of State, conveying solids melt conveying exhaust the truth and law, build mathematical and physical model, used to guide the design of twin screw extruder and extrusion process of optimization. As a twin screw extruder, extruder screw reaction forming reaction, speed, performance and inherent connection between the screw configuration, operating conditions, models used to guide reaction molding extrusion.

Granulation of extruder screw conveyor, conveying materials to prevent spilling. Melting paragraph, this paragraph through hot passed and friction shear, makes material full melting and are of; mixed refining paragraph, makes material component size further refinement and uniform, formed ideal of structure, with distribution sex and dispersion mixed function; exhaust paragraph, discharge vapor, and low molecular volume material, impurities; are of paragraph, conveying and booster, established must pressure, extrusion machine screw Rod makes die mouth at material has must of dense degrees, while further mixed, eventually reached smooth extrusion made grain of purpose. Mainly used for transportation of the extruder screw in powder, granular and small block materials, such as pesticides, flavoring, additives, chemicals and so on, screw elevator is not suitable for transporting perishable, viscosity and easy caking material. Special screw commonly known as Auger, is a commodity, feed, grain and oil, a wider use of a delivery device in the construction industry.

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