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Extruder Screw Is A Development Trend Of Power Steering Systems In The Future

Turn in the barrel of the extruder screw, materials and the friction between them, the working surfaces of the screw and barrel wear: screw diameter narrowing barrel inner hole diameter of gradually increasing. In this way, interfaces with the barrel of the extruder screw diameter clearance, with a combination of wear and a little bit more. However, because the front of the cylinder head and manifold resistance has not changed, this material to be extruded forward flow leakage, that is, material flows toward the feed from the diameter clearance increased, resulting in production decline of extruder screw. Material in the cylinder of extruder screw retention time increased, resulting in material decomposition. If it is a polyethylene, hydrogen chloride gases produced from the decomposition of enhances the extruder screw and barrel erosion. Materials, such as calcium carbonate and glass fiber filler, can accelerate the wear of the screw and barrel, uniform because the item does not have a plastic or metal mix material, screw rotating torque suddenly increases the torque exceeds the ultimate strength of screw, screw breaks. This is a very damaged.

Wring the extruder screw according to the actual diameter of the barrel to consider proper clearance is given with the barrel outside diameter deviations of the new screw manufacture. Extruder screw diameter out of thread surface treated, thermal spraying wear-resistant alloy, then grinding to size. This professional spray factory repair, the cost is still relatively low. In the threaded part of the extruder screw wear overlaying welding wear-resistant alloy. According to the degree of wear of the extruder screw welding 1~2mm thick, screw and grinding to size. The wear-resistant alloy consist of c, Cr, Vi, Co, w and b material composition, increase wear and corrosion resistance of screw. Professional welding plant of the high cost of processing, in addition to the special requirements of screw generally rarely used.

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