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Package Machine A Wide Variety Of Classification Methods

A wide variety of packaging machines, a lot of classification methods. From the different point of view can be a variety of products, according to the state of the product, there are liquid, massive, granular packaging machine; according to the packaging role, there are packaging, outsourcing packaging machine; according to the packaging industry, Chemical, textile and other packaging machine; according to the packaging station points, a single station, multi-station packaging machine; according to the degree of automation points, a semi-automatic, automatic packaging machines.

(1) The filling machine is a packing machine that holds the exact amount of packing into a variety of containers. The main types are:

① volume filling machine. Including measuring cup, tube, plunger, material type, screw, timer filling machine.

② Weighing machine. Including intermittent weighing, continuous weighing, weighing - centrifugal and other filling machines.

③ count filling machine. Including single-counting, multi-counting filling machine.

(2) sealing machine

Sealing machine is filled with packaging containers for the sealing of the machinery, the main types are:

① no sealing material sealing machine. Including hot-pressing, cold-pressing, welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machine.

② sealing material sealing machine. Including rotary, rolling, curling, pressing and other sealing machine.

③ auxiliary sealing material sealing machine. Including tape, adhesive, nail type, ligation, suture and other sealing machine.

(3) Wrapping machine

The wrapping machine is a wrapping machine that wraps the package in whole or in part with a flexible packaging material. The main types are:

① Wrapped wrapper. Including kink type, cover type, paste body type, seam type and so on.

② half wrapped around the wrapper. Including folding, shrink, stretch, winding and other wrapping machine.

(4) multi-functional packaging machine

This type of packaging machine has two or more functions. The main types are:

Automatic pillow packing machine

① filling and sealing machine. It has a filling, sealing two functions.

② forming filling and sealing machine. It has a molding, filling, sealing three functions. The type of molding bag molding, bottle molding, box molding, blister molding, melt molding and so on.

③ stereotypes filling and sealing machine. It has a stereotypes, filling, sealing function. Stereotypes

④ double-sided sealing machine. It can simultaneously cover the cover and the bottom of the two sides. When sealing, the box can be placed or placed.

(3) according to the location of the tape and the number of classification

① type I sealing machine. It is sealed with a tape on the top and bottom of the box. This seal, simple operation, but poor sealing.

It is type I seal, which is sealed on both ends of type I sealing tape, shaped like H, so it can increase the box strength and sealing performance, but it can increase the box strength and sealing performance. The cost is higher.

(4) according to the degree of specialization classification

It can adjust some of the institutions to change the size of the sealing machine to adapt to a variety of sizes of box sealing, it is suitable for a wide range, is a commonly used sealing machine.

② special sealing machine. It can only seal a certain size of the box, sealing fast, for large quantities of sealing operations.

③ random type sealing machine. It is within the specified size range, the relevant agencies can automatically change to meet the needs of different sizes of box sealing, is a highly automated sealing machine.

Care instructions 

1, regularly check the mechanical parts, once a month to check the worm, worm, lubrication block bolts, bearings and other activities of the part of the rotation is flexible and wear conditions, found that defects should be promptly repaired, not reluctant to use.

2, the machine should be placed in a dry and clean indoor use, not in the atmosphere containing acids and other corrosive gases on the body of the use of places.

3, after the completion of the use of the machine or stop, you should remove the rotating drum to clean and brush the remaining dust inside the bucket, and then installed for the next use to do the preparatory work.

4, when the drum in the work occurred before and after the movement, please adjust the front bearing M10 screw to the appropriate position. If the gear shaft is moving, adjust the M10 screw on the rear of the bearing frame to the proper position, adjust the clearance so that the bearing does not sound, the handle pulley, the proper fit is appropriate, too tight or too loose to make the machine possible The

5, such as the suspension of a long time, the machine must be wiped clean the whole body, the smooth parts of the machine coated with anti-rust oil, with a good cloth.

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