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Package Machine Common Fault Solution

Simply put, the packaging machine is the product packaging machine, play a protective, beautiful role. Packaging machine mainly divided into two areas: 1. Pipeline overall production packaging. 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment.

1, the film guide part of the fault:

The film can not bite into the upper pillow pack machine hot roll, or from the heat roller or both ends are missing.

Cause one: the center of the film, guide groove, longitudinal seal roll and transverse roll is not on a straight line.

Reason two: thin film guide groove is too inclined.

Reason three: transverse sealing roller eccentric sprocket speed disorders.

Adjustment method: the vertical pillow packing machine roller on the adjustment knob to the right turn, increase the pressure, the film thickness by stretching, should be noted that too large stretch can not be sealed.

Adjustment method two: reduce the pressure of the longitudinal heat sealing roller, the pressure can not be too large film into the folder, it may be out.

Adjustment method three: vertical roll into the amount of more than usual, usually in 7MM should be caught 10MM.

Adjustment method four: through the pillow packing machine above adjustment If the ends are still missing, the film beyond the side of the guide groove to bend inward.

Adjustment method five: thin film guide groove center line error, poor manufacturing should be replaced.

2, cutting knife parts failure.

(1) can not cut off the film:

One reason: the knife and the fixed knife gap is not adjusted.

Adjust the method; in the outside of the knife there are two short tightening bolt, in the outside of the knife there are two long compression screw bolt. When the knife blade near the knife when the knife by the two knives to cut off the film, two pillow-type packaging machine blade clearance to 1 / 100MM to the best, two on the knife tip can be a little touch, so that the knife often keep parallel, Adjust the side of the film by hand when the film cut off, while adjustment, adjustment should be installed when the cutter clutch off.

Reason two: cutting blade broken damage with a small oil Shi Shu Si, broken with a large grinder repair.

Reason three: the knife is not properly installed, cutter clutch clutch bad, positioning key off.

Solution: the parts carefully check, re-tightening.

3, transverse sealing roll failure: poor sealing.

Cause: Poor heat regulation, insufficient spring pressure or uneven pressure.

Adjustment method; should be based on the thickness of the packaging material used and the selection of the appropriate pressure and temperature, sealing the temperature is too high is sealed in white, sealing the packaging film easy to peel, the heat sealing roller pressure by the spring The temperature of the roll is adjusted by means of a thermostat to control the heating bar heating. Horizontal sealing roller at the left and right with a pressure control button, each button by the push pillow packaging machine button and pull button, if only with the push button on the hot roller to be too much pressure, easy to cause poor sealing, it should be appropriate Using the push button and the pull button, the transverse sealing heat roller is provided with two adjustment knobs to prevent the lateral force unevenness to adjust.

4, turntable parts failure:

(1) The package is mixed with the heat seal.

Reason 1: bagging time and heat sealing time is not coordinated

Solution: connected with the turntable gear for the second gear, the two gears to push up, change the engagement, so that the material does not fall in the closure, the ideal time for the next material is sealed after the end of the bag into the bag, Do not change easily when adjusted properly.

Reason two: packaging speed too fast, material landing time long clip material, appropriate to reduce the packaging speed.

(2) has been adjusted to cut the time, again abnormal.

Cause: The turntable is not well fixed, the key and the fixing screw are loose, or the fixed position is not correct, and the opening and closing of the switch in the turntable is not open and closed.

Repair and adjustment: the turntable in the correct position of the pillow packaging machine fixed, re-key and screw fixed. After the opening and closing mechanism of the shutter is adjusted to the correct position, the shutter is fixed. In addition, when the powder is loaded with a very small powder or a mixture with a very different specific gravity, the bagging takes a long time, resulting in the ingestion of the powder into the sealing portion. At this time, the packing speed should be slightly slower, To be suitable for the performance of the packaging material.

5, electrical part of the fault

(1) heat sink roller current is too large or fuse blown

Reason: There is a short circuit in the heater or short circuit or heat sealing circuit.

(2) heat sealing roller is not hot

Reason: a heating wire blown, two fuse blown, three temperature control is faulty, this time set different temperature, traffic light does not run.

(3) the temperature can not be controlled, the temperature is too high

One reason, the thermocouple contact with the roller bad or damaged, the reasons for the second, the temperature controller internal failure.

(4) photoelectric position is not pillow packaging machine prospective

Cause one: The controller fuse is broken, or the inside is faulty.

Reason two: wrapping paper is not installed, so that the center did not pass the center of the photoelectric center.

Cause three: photoelectric head with dirt.

Cause four: sensitivity knob did not tune well.

6, the organization itself is faulty

(1) some institutions can not start:

Cause one: motor and wiring off: the broken line connected, such as the motor fault should replace the motor.

Cause two: fuse blown: replace the ampere-rated fuse.

Cause three: the gear of the connection screws, keys and other loose: re-tighten the loose screw keys, should start from the motor, according to the transmission order to check.

Cause four: foreign body into the gear and other rotating parts, this time the motor abnormal sound, not timely processing, the motor easy to burn, remove the foreign body.

Cause five: foreign body into the pillow packing machine cutting knife, two blade with too tight: the foreign body removed, when the two blade with too tight, should be appropriate to increase the gap.

(2) The transverse sealing roll does not rotate

Cause: The bearing area of the hot roller is not filled with oil, causing the burnout to be locked, the gear lock ring and the key are disengaged: the hot roller should be filled with oil, re-tighten the gear lock ring and key.

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