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Plastic Machine Improve Product Production Efficiency

According to the production process of plastic products, plastic machinery can be divided into plastic mixing machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic secondary processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment and other four categories. Plastic compounding machinery is used in the manufacture of various forms of plastic compounds, including kneaders, presses (refiners and mixers), pellets, screening machines, crushers and grinding machines. Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic processing machinery for plastic semi-finished products or products molding, including compression molding machines, injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, calendering machines, rolling presses, foam machines.

Plastic secondary processing machinery for plastic semi-finished products or products of re-processing and post-processing, including hot forming machine, welding machine, heat sealing machine, hot stamping machine, vacuum evaporation machine, flocking machine, printing press. Metalworking machines are also commonly used in secondary processing of plastics. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment to achieve the rationalization of the plastic processing process, including automatic measurement of feeding device, automatic recovery of scrap equipment, injection products automatically take out the device, injection mold rapid replacement device, injection mold cooling machine, automatic thickness measurement device and raw materials Transportation and storage equipment. Such auxiliary machinery or devices have become an indispensable part of the automation of modern plastics processing.

The degree of perfection of plastic machinery directly affects the quality, production and cost of plastic semi-finished products or products, and must be able to adapt to the changes in temperature and stress of plastic compounding and processing, as well as the resulting changes in the properties of molten materials and to chemical corrosion And mechanical wear and other special conditions. In recent years, the specialization of plastic grade, the development of engineering plastics, the emergence of composite materials, plastic products, large-scale, lightweight and thin-walled technology and other development requirements of plastic machinery to achieve: for the purpose of production and complete sets of products; Labor saving, automation, in order to improve product production efficiency; to ensure product specifications and quality of the smallest precision of the precision; low energy consumption, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance.

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