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Steam Recycle Machine Workflow And Recycling Method

To understand the energy saving of the steam Recycle Machine, it is necessary to understand how the steam Recycle Machine is working. Simply put, the steam Recycle Machine is a mechanical drive system to drive the compression system to run, the steam mixture discharged from the steam equipment directly pressurized, the pressure of the mixture to be higher than the boiler operation, so that the mixture can be directly through the pipeline Was pressed into the boiler, so as to achieve the soft water, energy saving, fuel savings and other fundamental purposes.

The steam Recycle Machine can be summarized as follows:

Boiler - Steam equipment - Steam condensate mixture - Condensate recovery unit - Pressurized - Boiler.

This can be summed up as a steam Recycle Machine energy-saving way: let the heat in the steam has been recycled, saving intermediate links. This steam Recycle Machine installation flexibility: either directly installed in the trap or drainage pipe at the beginning, can also be arranged according to the steam equipment, installed in the ground. It should be noted that, as far as possible the equipment will be stable in a more flat place, reduce the equipment caused by the operation of equipment loss.

The unique recovery method of the steam Recycle Machine makes its advantages very obvious:

1, the condensate is the most pure distilled water, excluding fouling and other solid ingredients, if to be recycled, can save a lot of Qingpu costs, water and other corresponding costs.

2, to improve the boiler water quality, can improve the quality of steam, while reducing boiler emissions, saving energy loss, so that water treatment costs.

3, water temperature, water oxygen content decreased, to avoid the boiler, heat pipe and pipe corrosion.

4, to improve the water supply temperature, reduce the temperature difference between the boiler air bag to reduce the thermal expansion and contraction of steel plate, the pressure balance, extend the boiler life.

5, condensate recovery, can reduce the amount of water supply, so that the furnace and the furnace outside the water treatment costs to reduce a lot. Water supply and the furnace temperature difference is small, the boiler feed water, the steam pressure stability.

6, to improve the boiler feed water temperature, a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

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