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Traditional Screw Extrusion Process

"Traditional screw extruder process, depending on barrel plus heat, solid material and machine cylinders, melt shear and friction screw to achieve. ' Friction coefficient ' and ' friction ',' stick degrees ' and ' shear stress ' is effect traditional screw Rod extrusion machine work performance of main factors, due to effect "friction" and "stick degrees" of factors is complex, so, traditional screw Rod extrusion machine extrusion process is a non-stable state, to control, on some hot stability poor, and stick degrees high of hot sensitive sex plastic is highlight. "Sheng Chi machine said that so far, based on a lot of limitations, the shortcomings of traditional screw extruder, such as bulky, high energy consumption, low noise, product quality improvement has still not been solved.

Nevertheless, Cheng Chi mechanical also is in these aspects made has must of breakthrough, its head said, company since established yilai will is committed to double screw Rod extrusion machine of development, in a support capable of technology team of efforts Xia, company in double screw Rod extrusion machine field, especially parallel with to double screw Rod extrusion unit and the accessories of design production aspects made has was unexpected of effect, its development and production capacity home domestic peer forefront. Believe Cheng Chi machine in efforts to get better at this elite team of the show.

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