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What Is The Benefit Of A Solvent Recycle Machine?

Waste solvent can not be lost, it is money, because it can be repeated recycling! Can be recovered with a solvent Recycle Machine, solvent Recycle Machine can save a lot of solvent procurement for your company to save a lot of money, a year to save the solvent costs , Enough to buy two even more solvent Recycle Machine, a year to save the solvent expenditure, are you earn.

In addition, the solvent Recycle Machine can save you a lot of space.

As long as the solvent or waste solvent is used as part of the place, it is enough to place the solvent Recycle Machine, the stock will be reduced by more than 1/2, the use of solvent Recycle Machine after a large number of solvent storage, no longer storage of waste solvents, Today's waste solvent, with the Recycle Machine all recovered, tomorrow can be used immediately.

Solvent Recycle Machine using microcomputer control and multiple sensors to ensure safety, self-diagnostic function has been monitoring system functions. Easy to operate, as long as the operating procedures set up good, no need to care after the start, will not increase labor costs. Is a good helper for the use of solvents.

When the solvent Recycle Machine to recover the solvent yellow, green, and even slightly blue color, when the solvent out of these colors, but also clear and transparent, mainly with the copper condenser caused by the reaction, some business in the sale of solvent Recycling equipment blindly to kill the price, but do not consider the quality of equipment and even security, not all recycling machines are safe, some small security risks in which you use the process of causing staff damage, or security risks , It is recommended that customers in the purchase of solvent recovery equipment at the same time, but also to ask the configuration, such as a common temperature meter world price between 200-400 can be used, but once the temperature out of control, or continuous heating will cause solvent If you have a solvent containing acid and alkali, please use a stainless steel condenser, bucket to do the coating or replace the 316L stainless steel drum and the condenser, the use of stainless steel, In this way, the price of the equipment may be a few thousand dollars, but your safety and long-term use of the equipment is a good choice!

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